They are back!


Between 2003 and 2012 our crazy sheep have been in the boardgame area, making a lot of fun.


Now they are back with the 3. edition

and with a new copmany name and with a bigger team.


Wellcome to "Together" Boardgames.



a sheepy game



3 - 5 players

with 2 sets up to 10 players.

Age: 6 - 99


More than 7.000 sold.

2. Edition  Sold out.

3. Edition now on Kickstarter.


MÖMMEN is German slang with can´t be translated. In our Game they are intelligent sheep, always teasing the shepherd.

Our game on Kickstarter: 

Selling is over...  Sorry


>> but we will have a shop on this side

in August.

until then, just send E-mail.

Rules Englisch.

- to read on mobile phone / tablet / PC


- as download


- as video (still in work)



     rules promo card:

     The black sheep



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